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Friday, March 15, 2013

Summers Eve Deodorant Spray Review

Summers Eve is a feminine hygiene product company. I am always using their deodorant sprays. They keep me feeling fresh and there is absolutely no odor. Every woman has their own odor and I guarantee these sprays will help make those odors disappear for hours! I love their deodorant sprays so much! They smell fantastic. My ultimate favorite scent is Island Splash which is what I'm currently using. That's the kind in the photo on this blog post. These come in 2.0 oz cans.

Freshness-Control Formula
Gynecologist Tested
This product is also not tested on animals which I love. Animal testing is just pure cruelty.

I suggest spraying this in your panties and onto your "area" before putting them on. That's what I do and I love it. I also spray on my chest/bra. It also works great of you sweat a lot. I don't but some do. And this will definitely help.

There are a few other scents as well. I can't remember the names though. I have not tried their washes yet but I plan on it.

Visit their official website here:

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