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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Proactiv Solutions Review

Let me start off by saying that I am in love with Proactiv Solutions! I am hooked and would NEVER EVER go back to any other acne treatments/cleansers. I have extremely sensitive skin and my breakouts are horrible! I never had bad ance (or hardly any) in high school. My skin didn't have any problems but once I hit my 20s (im 21) my acne breakouts became awful and unbareable. My face would be so red all over and it would be so sensitive to the touch and very sore! I tried everything, including a product my doctor suggested called OXY. I'm sure you all have heard of it. The only ingredient is the benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide kills all your facial bacteria and prevents future breakouts. And the active ingredient in Proactiv is the benzoyl peroxide. Proactiv varys from person to person with how long it takes to clear your skin. I saw results about a few days after using it for the first time! My redness decreased and my bumps shrunk. This product has seriously saved my skin and my life! It's a miracle worker, let me tell you. Also, I have to point out that all the people you see on their advertisements on television are 100% real Proactiv users, NOT ACTORS! They give Proactiv customers the opportunity to show how the product worked for them and you get a free travel kit. That's why you always see the before and after photos because the customers take the photo before starting the Proactiv at home. This product isn't bogus or a scam! I promise each and every one of you that it's 110% real and it works!
I love the Green Tea Moisturizer!!! I would not use any other creams or moisturizers! The GTM has changed my skins look and feel. My skin is so soft and smooth! I even feel the smoothness after doing my daily washes! I highly recommend those with super dry skin to use this product! You will not regret it!


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